Having a family member with a congenital heart defect (CHD) is unimaginable but our faith in Him kept us together and our sanity as well. Our family and friends’ prayers and support was a huge help too!

When I wrote my entry for MyChampion Hero it was the last day of submission and Evan, my nephew, was confined for his 2nd open heart surgery. I prayed that if this one is for us, we’ll win it.

Like what I’ve said yesterday in the interview, For being the no. 1 birth defect worldwide, chd’s awareness rate is relatively low. That is why we are so thankful for Champion and Fox Intetnational channels Ph for giving us the opportunity to speak about it and eventually inspire other Braveheart families (as we like to call ourselves). Also many thanks to APT productions for producing the the film. They really did a wonderful job!

To doc Jonas Del Rosario, again endless thanks to you. Thank you for taking care of his heart! On behalf of the hundreds of Fililpino families you’ve already helped, for the lives that you’ve change, maraming salamat po! You truly are a champion hero!

click to watch the awarding ceremony.






The short film “super”, the very first locally produced short film presentation of Star Movies, will premiere tonight, July 22, Wednesday 8:55 PM, on Star Movies.

You may also catch them on these dates:

July 23, Thursday, 8:55 PM

July 25, Saturday, 8:55 PM

July 26, Sunday, 2:55 PM

July 29, Wednesday, 8:55 PM

August 1, Saturday, 2:30 PM

August 5, Wednesday, 8:55 PM

August 8, Saturday, 8:55 PM

August 9, Sunday, 3:10 PM

August 12, Wednesday, 8:55 PM

August 15, Saturday, 8:55 PM

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Kath has been cooking since the age of 10. Growing up in a family-owned restaurant, it was inevitable for her to create her own kitchen magic. She has traveled to many countries around the world, experiencing different cultures and tasting different flavors, and has recreated the dishes in her own kitchen. Now that she's married, she enjoys cooking for her husband and sharing her techniques with friends and family. Now, everyone can have a taste of her kitchen magic. Kath is also a TV Host, trained theater performer, and a fashion enthusiast.

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