Your Mornings – Served Just the Way You Like Them

So much has happened these past few weeks. I know I’m still due to post and share with you guys my fantastic trip to Osaka and Tokyo but I have to share with you first this exciting news!


It’s official! We are now part of the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation’s family! Stay tuned for more updates on our morning show on Net 25! I’m just so excited to do it because my sister, Carmella, will also be one of the hosts! We hope you’ll support us too like how you’ve supported the previous hosts of the PAMBANSANG ALMUSAL. We know we’ve got big shoes to fill but we’ll definitely put all our efforts to make your mornings just the way you like them!

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Kath has been cooking since the age of 10. Growing up in a family-owned restaurant, it was inevitable for her to create her own kitchen magic. She has traveled to many countries around the world, experiencing different cultures and tasting different flavors, and has recreated the dishes in her own kitchen. Now that she's married, she enjoys cooking for her husband and sharing her techniques with friends and family. Now, everyone can have a taste of her kitchen magic. Kath is also a TV Host, trained theater performer, and a fashion enthusiast.

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