Tagaytay Food Adventure- Part 1

A few weeks ago, me and the gang of Pambansang Almusal, went on a food adventure in Tagaytay City. Tagaytay is always a perfect getaway for it’s only an hour and a half drive from the city. It has so much to offer aside from its cool breeze and beautiful scenery. The restaurants and the food there make the people come back.

Our first stop was at the Loumar’s Cafe. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you’ll get to have a feel of the classic Tagaytay. This place offers great food all day. Want to try the classic tapsilog (beef, fried rice and fried egg) and bulalo (beef soup)? They’ve got it alongside with various pasalubong items that’s perfect to bring home with you. The best that they offer is their Buko tart! It was just so heavenly! Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of it ’cause we were all too excited to try it! It was so good!

loumar’s cafe, tagaytay- kathcooksph.com

Next stop, The Silver Bucket Seafood Dining! This restaurant is located at the newly opened Twin Lakes by Mega World in Tagaytay City. If you still do not know, I am all about seafood! Crazy over them! And chef Francis of the Silver Bucket just made sure that every seafood lovers will have the best dining experience here!


I loved how they serve their seafood-on a silver bucket! It was a little spicy with a hint of sweetness in it but just enough to boost the flavor of the seafood. It was so good!  

This is their version of the shrimp cocktail. It has a little bit of a kick in it. Just enough to still taste the shrimp. If you’re a sucker for shrimp and chilli, then you gotta have this one for appetizer. 


Their paella is TDF! Please give them time as they cook this to perfection. It’s serving size is good for sharing.   

Not only they serve good food, they also serve very delicious and refreshing signature drinks! My favorite is their apple juice, it’s so refreshing and just perfect thirst quencher after munching on some seafood! 

from L to R: ze husband, moi, our Executive Producer-Ning Conde, Chef Francis, kuya Alvin, and my co hosts- Bobby and Apple

I’ll definitely come back and visit this restaurant again and I’ll make sure to bring the family. This is such a perfect place to enjoy with the them. ❤️

That wraps up the first part of our Tagaytay food adventure. I’ll keep you guys posted for the second one! It’s gonna be mouth watering!

LAMB MECHADO (tomato-based lamb stew)

Lamb meat is not common in any local grocery store in the country. That is why my husband and I always do our meat shopping at Shopwise, a local grocery chain that also owns the S&R groceries (our country’s costco). They sell Aussie lamb meat that’s so tender and fresh. My mom also buys her lamb meat there and she makes the best lamb kare-kare (peanut-based stew)! Which reminds me, I have to have her recipe! Anyway, when I got my lamb meat, I was thinking of cooking something that’s uncommon for lamb, just like my mom’s kare-kare. So I said, why not surprise the hubby with Lamb Mechado!

Mechado is a famous Filipino dish. It’s a tomato-based beef stew. Aside from substituting the beef with lamb, my recipe is a little different than the traditional beef mechado. Of course, I’ll share it with you 🙂



photo courtesy : http://www.kathcooksph.com

Potatos, chopped onions, minced garlic, sliced tomatoes, 1 beef broth cube, onion leaves for garnishing

photo courtesy: http://www.kathcooksph.com

Canola oil, Salt, pepper, tomato sauce, soy sauce, tabasco sauce, sriracha sauce, full cream powdered milk

photo courtesy: http://www.kathcooksph.com

First, preheat your pot and pour your canola oil (olive oil will also do) in it. Put your fire to medium and throw in your minced garlic. Mix it a little just to make sure you don’t burn your garlic. Then put in your unpeeled potatos (make sure you wash them well though).

photo courtesy: http://www.kathcooksph.com

Ready your tomatoes ’cause they’re next.

photo courtesy: http://www.kathcooksph.com

Then put in your lamb, season it with a little salt and pepper.

photo courtesy: http://www.kathcooksph.com
photo courtesy: http://www.kathcooksph.com

Add a little soy sauce, and throw in your beef broth cube.

photo courtesy: http://www.kathcooksph.com

In some of the traditional mechado recipes, they put calamansi (a lemon-like citrus fruit), or vinegar in it. As for our lamb mechado, I also wanted that little sour taste but with a bit of a kick. That’s why we’re putting tabasco sauce instead. If that’s not enough add chili peppers!

photo courtesy: http://www.kathcooksph.com

Add water and mix it. Cover your pot with the lid. Keep your fire to medium and let it boil for 30-40 minutes.

photo courtesy: http://www.kathcooksph.com
photo courtesy: http://www.kathcooksph.com

After 30-40 minutes, check your lamb if it is tender enough. It should look like this:

photo courtesy: http://www.kathcooksph.com

If it is tender enough, add your tamoato sauce. Mix it well. Add 2 tbsp of your full cream powdered milk then mix it again. Throw in your sliced egg plant. Leave it to boil for a minute or two.

photo courtesy: http://www.kathcooksph.com

After a minute it should look like this. Taste the sauce and do your final seasoning. You may add your sriracha sauce too. Most Filos add a little sugar to their mechado. Up to you really. 🙂

photo courtesy: http://www.kathcooksph.com

Start plating! I’ve garnished mine with onion leaves and a chili pepper.

We love hearing from you. If you’ve tried this recipe let us know and send us a photo of your own version of Kath’s Lamb Mechado.