People are so busy nowadays and cooking at home has now been a luxury compared to dining out or buying take out food. I have realized this now that I have a new job, and still doing all the house chores. I am currently working on different recipes with fast prep time since hubby told me that he misses my cooking. That is actually the saddest thing he has told me. Anyway, here’s one recipe I have come across with and incorporated a little bit of Kath’s kitchen magic…Ground Pork Fiesta!

Here are the things you’ll need to prepare:
Canola oil, Ground pork, garlic, Red onions, Bok choy, Mixed vegetables (readily available from your local grocery store), Light soy sauce, Salt, Pepper,Sugar (optional), Tomato sauce, Sriracha sauce 
First, you’ll need to saut√©e the chopped garlic and onions.  

When the garlic turns light brown, add your mixed vegetables.   

Throw in your ground pork and season it with salt and pepper.   

When your pork is almost cooked, add in a little light soy sauce for added flavor. My favorite is still Lee Kum Kee’s. Stir it.   

Add a your tomato sauce. Stir it. Add a little sugar if you want to.   

Then for a little kick, put in the sriracha sauce. I am a huge sriracha fan that is why I’m putting a lot in my dish. But when you have kids around, you might wanna set aside a portion for them before adding your sriracha sauce. ūüėä  

Lastly, throw in your chopped bok choy and turn your stove off. It easily gets cook and you don’t want them overly done.   

My favorite part is plating the dish. 


I’m always trying to pair my dishes with fresh cucumbers for its health benefits. You’ll love it, it’s so refreshing. If you’re wondering what those green stuff on top of my white rice are, well they’re just shredded dried seaweeds. Ground Pork Fiesta is so easy to do and I’m sure you’re gonna love it! ūüėČ

Toddler & Child Friendly Nilagang Manok (Chicken Soup)

I love having guests at home. I love being the host and the cook. Last week, I had the most difficult guests. Difficult because they have different food preferences. One does not eat meat and any processed foods, while the other can’t have seafood. They both are even not a fan of any greens!!! Now, tell me if that’s not a challenge. Please don’t hate my guests, they are the cutest little kids you’ll ever meet:

(Photo courtesy of my sister)

These two are my sister’s adorable kids. It has always been a delight having them around but preparing food for them is another. Francesca, the toddler,can actually eat anything except for seafood. Evan, on the other hand just had his 2nd open heart surgery (yes he is a CHD baby) so his diet is a little more strict. He can’t be eating any processed foods, anything too salty, and meat because he’s never a meat-eater. Well as kids, they won’t eat any leafy vegetables, so it was so hard preparing something nutritous that they will still love. So I took it as a challenge to cook one dish that the three of us will love, yes including me. So I asked myself “what was our common denominator?”. We all love soup! So I decided to make a nutritous child-friendly classic Filipino dish–nilagang manok (chicken soup)!

These are the things you’ll need to prepare:

  1. Canola oil
  2. Salt
  3. Pepper
  4. Garlic (5cloves)
  5. Scallions (1 medium-sized)
  6. Ginger (half a teaspoon)
  7. Tomato (2 medium-sized)
  8. Potato (2 medium-sized)
  9. Carrots
  10. Pechay Tagalog (bokchoy will also do)
  11. Half spring chicken (spring chicken are tastier than the regular-sized ones)

Preheat your pot before putting your oil.

Make sure that your oil is hot enough before start to saut√© your garlic. Put fire to medium to make sure that you won’t burn your garlic. If you burn your garlic, you have to start all over again or else it will ruin the whole dish. Make sure it is cooked though. ¬†We need all the flavors to come together since we will be only using salt and pepper for seasoning.

After putting the garlic, throw in the scallions…

then your tomatoes and ginger. Stir it.

The traditional nilagang manok does not have carrots in it but I’m adding them for the kids to enjoy.¬†Potatos may not also be common for other nilaga recipes but since I’m dealing with a non-meat eater, I need to put in more solids for them to eat that will also compliment the chicken. Fry the tomatoes and the carrots.

Add the chicken. Fry it a little.

Add water a little more than half of the pot.

Put fire to medium and cover the pot. Let it boil for 20-30 minutes.

If your chicken is staring to look a little like this, put your fire to low. You may now start seasoning the soup with salt and pepper.

Let it boil again for another minute then your soup is ready to serve.  This is best served with rice.

The kids loved them!! I mashed the carrots and potatos and added small bits of chicken meat.  I mixed them with a small amount of rice and chicken soup.  They both had two servings!

I’m so delighted¬†that my kitchen magic works on kids! Does this mean that I’m ready to have my own?! ¬†Hmmm…let’s just cook for now!

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Our First Magic Trick

Hi! My name is Kath! I have been cooking since I was a kid. Growing up in a family-owned restaurant, it was inevitable for me to hit the kitchen. I love travelling to many countries to have a taste of different cultures. I like recreating the dishes that I love and sharing them with my family and friends.

Being a newly wed, I love cooking for my husband. Nothing beats that feeling when you see your husband’s face glow right after his first bite of your creation. This blog is actually inspired by my husband’s “baon” (packed lunch) album in his Facebook account. Yes, I cook and prepare baon for my husband everyday. It’s his everyday surprise from me.¬†√ú When people started asking for tips on how I made his baon, it gave me an idea to start blogging about it and sharing it to my fellow home cooks! ¬†¬†

As a tribute to my beautiful mom, who has taught me a lot about cooking, my first entry will be inspired by the first food that she has taught and allowed me to cook all by myself–the Omelette! But of course this won’t be like your usual omelette, we’ll fusion it up with gaeran mari,¬†the Korean rolled egg.

First, you’ll need to prepare the following:


2 eggs

1 petchay tagalog (silverbeet, or spinach will also do the trick),

1 bell pepper

1 onion


1 tomato





maho (dried pork floss which you can buy at any local Chinese mart)



olive oil


and Lee Kum Kee’s naturally brewed soy sauce, (you can substitute this with any light and sweet-tasting soy sauce)

When you got all these prepared, start beating!


Put your eggs in a bowl and mix it with your salt (2 pinch), pepper (to taste) , sugar (1/4 teaspoon), and milk (30ml). Mix it well.


Have your onions, tomatoes, bell pepper, and pechay chopped, and your scallions thinly sliced in an angle.


Put all the chopped veggies (leave the scallions) in the bowl and mix it well. We’ll be using the scallions for garnishing.


Start heating up your pan. Pour just enough olive oil on it. When you start seeing little bubbles on your pan, set your fire to medium and pour the mixture.


As you will see, the edges will start to cook.


As soon as your omelette looks like the photo above, you can get it off the pan. As for me, I like my gaeran mari, well done.

Cool it down for a minute, then roll it with your hands to make it look like sushi rolls. No fancy tools, just your hands. When the omelette is rolled, slice it into sushi-like pieces. Garnish it with your maho, and scallions, and serve it with light soy sauce, then voila!

Rolled Omelette

Your Asian inspired Omelette!

With its fast preparation and cooking time, it is one kitchen magic you can definitely pull off! Try it, we’d love to hear your feedbacks!