Food is a powerful binder- one reason why my family and I love to try out new food joints. Last night’s case was definitely a first. I’ve been married for over a year now and it was just last night that I’ve accompanied the husband to have the car washed. Yes, you got it right! There’s a powerful binder, a powerful taco place – CHAMPION TACO!

As a frequent passer of Congressional Extension, we’ve always noticed Champion Taco. Finally, last night before heading home, we decided to try out the place and have a car wash too. Yep, beside it is a car wash.

Being a small community food joint and all, we never expected anything special from the place. But to our surprise, there’s a reason why they named it Champion Taco. Goodness gracious! They serve 10-inch tacos!!! It reminded me of my childhood memories of our trips to Zambales and their jumbo tacos!

We ordered their best-seller of course, the champion taco! This 10-inch taco that’s generously filled with beef (choice of beef/chicken), salsa, cheese, and lettuce was served warm. The taco shell was warm too! Thanks to ate joy, the woman in charge of the place, for making sure that we’d love our first experience. That’s not all, a plastic glove was also served with the enormous taco for our eating convenience. Their tacos were actually good but if you’re a huge fan of the cilantro and jalapeños, then you’ll be longing for them. As a customer I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for those flavors that I was craving for (a good option maybe to add in the menu). All in all, it was a GREAT experience for P100 ($2.25 I Know right?)! Yes P100!!! We’ll definitely have a car wash there again and have our tummies satisfied!

Here’s their menu:

Champion Taco is raising the bar for other food joints in the area. Since the Congressional Extension Ave. is becoming a promising area for foodies, Champion Taco is definitely here to stay.

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